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Mecidiye Water, coming from the summits of Erzurum, from the spring sources of 2450 meters, is filled in through fully automated machines, untouched by human hands. Mecidiye Water is preferred because of its natural and balanced mineral structure and does not include toxic substances. Hygienic Measures are preeminently applied in our plant in accordance with the Standard of Health Department of Turkey and World Health Organization. Mecidiye Water is suitable for sodium diet and is rich with mineral needed for human body

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Why Mecidiye Water?

  • Mecidiye water is bottled, untouched by human hands and unprimed.
  • We manufacture in accordance with the standards of Turkish Health Department and World Health Organization.
  • Our spring, 2450 meters above, is far from settlements and any industrial and atmospheric pollution.
  • Hygienic Measures are preeminently applied in our plant
  • It does not include any toxic substances and microorganism.
  • It is suitable for sodium diet.
  • It contains Alkali (High PH Value)
  • Due to bicarbonate and calcium, it increases wellness and health.
  • It is silky and has natural and balanced mineral level.
  • All the analyses of water are made by experts every day.
  • Our Bottles do not contain any BPA (Bisfenol A). They have no cancerogenic effects and completely healthy.

Quality Assurance

Mecidiye Water operates a modern, fully automated manufacturing facility that adheres to the standards of local and international authorities. Our water goes through stringent testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

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